Patient Participation Group

What is a Patient Participation Group?

We have a patient representative group who meet on a regular basis to discuss future plans for the surgery. The aim of the group is to involve our patients in the process of examining new or better ways in which we can deliver health care to our local population.

Patient Representative Group meetings

Thank you to those of you who attended the ‘Patient representative Group’ last year. We like to be able to call on a bank of volunteers who represent all groups within the practice and where possible we would like to recruit:

  • Male and female teenagers
  • Mothers or parents of a young family
  • 40-60 males and females
  • 60-75 yrs old males and females
  • Over 75 yr old males and females
  • Patients with a chronic illness (like diabetes, asthma or heart disease)
  • Carers of patients or family members

Some patients may just wish to answer occasional questions or surveys from the practice. Others may want to attend the patient representative group meetings in person. If you would like to participate just fill out the form below. We will email patients who have expressed an interest in attending the meeting one month beforehand and regardless of the above categories will be glad to see any patients who would like to represent their views.

How Do I Apply to Join?

If you would like to join our Patient Participation Group complete the form below.

PPG Sign up form

Date of Birth
The information below will help to make sure that we receive feedback from a representative sample of the patients registered at this practice.
Your Age
How would you describe how often you come to the practice?